Tuesday, October 19, 2010

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hanging out with ilg near Flagstaff, AZ. pic by Bill Galen.


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Questions Toward Passionate Balance...

What is it that I am bringing to this circumstance
that is making this a 'problem'?

(in WF, we have no problems...only spiritual challenges we have co-designed with the Divine
in order to make us Stronger, more Whole, more Fit for Enlightenment potential.)


what is my resistance to allowing this moment to be as perfect as it is?

excerpted from my PASSIONATE BALANCE notes for tomorrow's
Member's Only Teleconference.

don't miss it,
member up now
and let's Dharmatalk tomorrow night!

photo by ilg; "de fleur 4 you" taken tonight.

“A Flat Spine: High Performance Yoga™ for Cyclists”

Let’s forget about all the cycling equipment and expensive tweaks you’ve purchased over the past, say 3 years. Let’s trade ALL of it for something that is endlessly more vital to your enjoyment, performance, and spiritual transformation through cycling: a flat spine while riding. Oh, like you have something MORE important to work on over the winter than getting a flatter back, more open, powerful hips, and a stronger core?


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Passionate Balance - The Path of WF...A Talk and Q&A This Friday With Coach

This Friday evening I’ll be holding a special conference call for ALL
current Online Students and Members
to celebrate the new web site, and a new beginning!

Join me on the phone for “Passionate Balance,”
a DharmaTalk about Wholistic Fitness,
followed by some Q&A with you.

Call Details
Date: Friday, October 15, 2010

Time: 7 PM Mountain time (that’s 6 PM Pacific, and 9 PM Eastern)

Length: About an hour

Monday, October 11, 2010

DWC Championship: buzz kill didn't kill the spiritual victory!

photo by LA Times; ilg racing into the Bardo Night pull during the Furnace Creek 508 race, Death Valley, CA.

I was informed the night before the Road Race by the Race Organizer that my division "C" would not be eligible for an Overall Championship/Jersey. i'd be moved into the "B" division for the rest of the Championships (RR and Crit).

must admit; it was a buzzkill fer sure since i was in first place with my two favorite events ahead of me. yet, podiums i'm not lacking in so it wasn't that big of a deal. would have been nice to flip a Championship in cycling within less than a month of a top 20 AG at Imogene, however, the art of wholeness in racing is pretty much ignored by everyone save for our Tribe, so i woke up on the Road Race Day (Saturday) with a new game plan...

i'd work for my amigo, Miguel, for the 3 laps in the valley. i'd be his domestique, chasing down racers that got up the road in order to save him energy to deliver his crushing blow on the final hillclimb. this is what Road Racing is all about; alliances in sweat.

i felt okay and definitely was animated at the front of the B peleton...current National Duathlon Champion and HP Yogini Marissa Asplund was there, working for another racer, so she definitely caused a higher caloric burn and some sauced thighs before the final hillclimb.

having served for Miguel, i wished him luck at mile 32 and then retreated deeper into the 25+ peleton to find the only racer that threatened my "C" championship...which was now a warped version of a virtual race within a race. after some PowerBar GelBlasts and some Fortune Delight, i bandied up my remaining muscle fibers that still flickered after all my work at the front of the peleton for the last hour and a half. psychospiritually, i determined myself to stick like glue to my marked man up the climb. i had to finish right behind him to tie up the "Virtual C" Championships. i did, finishing 4 seconds in back of him at the top of the always lung-searing Shalona hill which was this finishing hill climb.

Result: won the "virtual C" Championship, plus, amigo Miguel stood up and delivered a 2nd place on the final hill and then won the crit yesterday to win the B Championship! i sat out the crit, choosing Family Time instead of racing, since in my virtual race, i had enough points to win the title.

i finished 10th place in the B division.

also of Warrior note; HP Yogini Dana Shin won the Women's A Championship! Congrats, Dana!

all in all?
a pretty fine week for HP Yogis and another victory for Wholeness-trained athletes everywhere!

i'll be announcing my intended Winter Racing Schedule soon, and probably send out a Sponsorship Plea to help curb the crazy expenses of racing in Kali Yuga while maintaining only a Dharma-based income of Service. if you can help keep your feeble yogi toeing the Start Lines, we will insure that at least someone is still out there teaching from Direct Experience at the front line of genuine, multi-disciplined yogic warriorship.

thank you for your spiritual sends during this week of Championship racing here in the high hamlet of crazy-fit mountain athletes!

head bowed,
el coache

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Read This Teaching

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this inDirect Lines blog will soon disappear like a Tibetan Sand Painting...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coach Takes "C" Lead During Epic Time Trial @ DWC Championships

"The Ilg before the storm..."
special thanks to HP Yogi RT for the helmet and Miguel for the Cervelo! photo by Ken.

What can i say?
i felt my Tribe with me this evening...
the Nordic Weather Gods were out in full display...lightning, downpours, scintillating pockets of sunset,
and the end of a rainbow arching toward the Finish Line...
Time Trialing is known as the "Race of Truth" for go(o)d reason;
it's just you against the clock;
come rain, hail, wind, (en)lightning, whatever...
and this evening? we racers had it all; sometimes all at once!
thank you, my Tribe of WF Warriors!
i feel like i really represented all teachers of yoga and wholeness well tonight
against the sport-specific cyclists.

it might make you all smile as well at this:
two HP Yoga™ yogi's currently hold first place in their categories at these DWC Championships;
myself and my super-vajrayogini Dana!

still, after all these decades...
WF out in front...

the following is from the Durango Wheel Club Website...

next event: the Road Race on Saturday...ooooph!

Blessed By Thy Sweat;
Get Out and DO; no matter what the weather!

your feeble teacher

2010 DWC Championship Road TT October 7, 2010

Epic, Cloudy, Clear, Rain, Hail, Thunder, Lightning, rainbows , Variable Wind
Temp.: 66° / 56° F.
Humidity: 32%
Wind: 0-15 mph
Barometer: 30.06 in. (1018.0 mb.)

C Pts. Name Time + Avg.
1 25 Steve Ilg 00:37:29.08 +00:00 24.33 mph
2 21 Kurt Blair 00:38:38.75 +01:10 23.60 mph
3 18 Greg Otteson 00:41:02.12 +03:33 22.22 mph

2010 Durango Wheel Club Championships
DWC Championships (Preliminary) Omnium Results,

2 of 4 events,

Oct. 5-10 2010

1 Steve Ilg 2-21 1-25 46
2 Kurt Blair 3-18 2-21 39
3 Steve Morozowich 1-25 0-0 25